Bernd Terwey, who studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy, is an all-round talent who, alongside painting, is also involved in media communications.

As a graduate designer, he designs games, works on sculptures that are successfully marketed, and sees painting as one of several elements for linking art with reality.


Terwey’s paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Basel New Orleans, Salt Lake City, London and elsewhere. Rich, intense emotional colours, compositions which negate space in a decorative manner, in a style very reminiscent of Klimt and, based on this, Hundertwasser. These are the elements that characterize these pictures.

Terwey is no consistent Art Nouveau imitator. He processes impressions from his worldwide travels into dream images with their own distinctive style.

Terwey makes partial use of the formal canons of earlier eras and blends these with his own pictorial inventions to form something new, something different. His motifs deliberately aim only at the feeling of the observer. An additional intellectual conflict would only reduce the desired effect.


After several years of development the 3-D-Artgame „Pablo“ was designed which is a fascinating and variable work of art that encourages creativity and sets off one’s fancy. „Pablo“ is exhibited in many museums, e.g. in the National Museum of London, which issues „Pablo“ in its permanent object collection as particularly interesting Art Design. Since many years it is also employed for social science projects of the University of Arizona (DISCOVER assessment project, Dr. June Maker) It is in the task of „Pablo“ to give everyone who is interested in contemporary art the opportunity to become himself creative whithout requiring special manual abilities. With „Pablo’s“ patented connecting parts everyone can easily reconstruct Terwey’s original sculptures as charming miniature model, or design again and again new interesting art objects.

Recently, a new edition of „Pablo“ has been launched, under the new name „Paolo“.


Discovering and developing the own creativity is a vital basis for personal success.


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Bernd Terwey