Bernd Terwey

Mini Sculptures

Art Games DISCOVER project

Credit photographs: Prof. Dr. C. June Maker, DISCOVER Projects, University of Arizona, Tucson


The University of Arizona has used the ArtGames created by Bernd Terwey for the DISCOVER assessment project - for the spatial artistic activity of a performance-based assessment of children's problem solving in the multiple intelligences.


DISCOVER has projects all over the world and is being used to identify children und youth with gifts and talents in many countries (e.g. Bahrain, England, Taiwan, China, England, USA, to name just a few)


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"…Children of all ages love working with the brightly-coloured pieces of the art games created by Bernd Terwey, and they make incredible constructios of all types.


It is versatile and does not suggest any kind of construction, it engages everyone in the creative, artistic process.Éand it is not dependent on coordination or skill in using tools…"


Prof. Dr. C. June Maker,

Discover Projects,

University of Arizona